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Our Accommodation

The accommodation we select for our guests is carefully chosen according to criteria which are coherent with our values and the concept of beauty that distinguish Emotional Sicily.

We consider it a very important element of our itineraries, that’s why we give utmost attention to selecting them accurately one by one. We choose places that communicate the same feeling, care and attention that we put into every single detail of our itineraries, services and experiences. 

We prefer small boutique hotels, with a cozy atmosphere, so we are sure we will have a sense of relaxed service and  personalised attention by staff who are warmly welcoming, attentive, professional and extremely discrete. If the owner is on site, we normally get his personal attention as a local offering his experience, as we are always interested in knowing who is behind the scene. We love when the accommodation has a common area, a living room, a private garden, where to feel at ease and relax, where to chat or have a drink, after a day of excursions. 

All the selected accommodation may have a history or the building and the premises are strongly bonded somehow with the territory. Or it may have a spectacular location or wonderful views. It is always a place full of suggestions, where you will feel comfortable. Ancient restored palaces full of details, charming country houses, elegant apartments or very stylish refurbished houses using local materials. We also have a selection of private houses or self-catering apartments for families or private groups who aim to be totally independent.  

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