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A new concept of luxury travel where you immerse yourself into the authentic, the unspoiled. 

Discover the pleasure of simple things, the treasure of being connected with people, local culture, and nature through all your senses. 

Let us take you by the hand and accompany you through the stories, the places, and the people that make this land unique.


MANILA DI MAIRA - Founder of Emotional Sicily

On your Emotional Sicily Journey, you will meet people, brands and projects strongly committed to a higher purpose and values such as sustainability, community and innovation. People deeply connected with their land, preserving and recovering customs and traditions at risk of extinction, getting back to the roots while looking forward to a brighter future.

We are passionate about our land, our culture and our people, and so proud to open our doors to you. Our local experts generously share their talent and expertise, disclosing their stories and the secrets of their mastery with great flair. 

Participate in a workshop with a Master Potter, a Basketmaker or a Stonecutter and feel as if you were taking a step back in time while you experience motions and gestures perpetuated through centuries. 

Take part in a hands-on cooking class, making bread with the people that cultivate the wheat and grind it into flour, or have a walk through an olive grove after tasting the fine Extra Virgin Oil produced from those fruits. Feel connected with 

the land and the people that preserve it with so much love and dedication.

Meet the people who are the driving force, developing projects with the objective of triggering a positive change in a sometimes difficult economic and social context. Getting to know and supporting those projects and the people behind them make you live an awe-inspiring experience.

Emotional Sicily is not only about tourism and travel -the visible part of it- but it's a more deep, structured and complex project with an ambitious vision, based on a collaborative community of like-minded people. Like pieces of a puzzle conforming a complete scene, where every piece makes sense only if related to the others, a special feeling, a specific mission and a set of coherent values are the columns of this project.

We are aware of the impact that the travel industry has on the environment, people, local culture and land. Therefore we are firmly committed to a careful and respectful approach to travel, where we stand out for high-quality, community-based tourism. 


When you choose to travel with us, you are actively supporting local brands and people that work in pursuit of a positive impact on land, nature, and community.


Our itineraries are designed taking the utmost care of the following aspects:


We choose very carefully every single partner and select one-by-one our local talented experts according to a deep commitment with the values we share, a strong passion for what they do and a high sense of empathy. We go the extra mile to offer you access to singular experiences most of which you won’t find anywhere else. 


Our hand-picked small boutique hotels and houses are always a place full of suggestions, where the owner’s touch makes the difference. A cosy atmosphere and personalised attention by staff make you experience warm local hospitality. The selected accommodation may have a history, the building and the premises are strongly bonded somehow with the territory or it may have a spectacular location or wonderful views. 


On our itineraries, we allow you to experience a complete range of restaurants providing an insight into the enormous variety and richness of Sicilian cuisine, from the humble street food to the most elaborate contemporary cuisine. Indulge on the table of an uncomplicated familiar trattoria or be delighted savouring the delicacies at a fine-dining restaurant (there are 16 Michelin-starred restaurants on the island); feel genuine Sicilian hospitality at a private home or pick your street food at a Rosticceria and eat as you go, like a real Sicilian. 


We select only the most impeccable services. Premium licensed private transportation companies to guarantee unrivalled comfort and punctuality. We manage everything behind the scenes, leaving you to enjoy every inspiring moment of your journey.


If you feel in resonance with these values, you embrace adventure, are open to cultural immersion, appreciate the beauty of simple things and recognize that real luxury is to deeply connect with others while sharing meaningful experiences, join one of our Emotional Sicily Journeys.

We’d love to have you too amidst our Emotional Travellers


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