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Noto Antica – Hike through Cava del Carosello – Visit of Almond Farm

Guided tour of Noto Antica. 3h easy hike through magnificent Cava del Carosello and Asinaro Valley. Arrival at the Almond farm where you will have lunch and taste fresh almond milk. Visit of the farm (Mandorla di Noto is a Slow Food Presidium).

The itinerary starts at Noto Antica, settled on Monte Alveria and destroyed by the terrible 1693 earthquake. Only the Aragonese watchtower and the city walls are still standing. Once inside the walls, the path will lead you to the ridge of Cava del Carosello Canyon and from there to the splendid valley below, characterised by unspoiled Nature. Walking along the river you will visit medieval tanneries and Byzantine burial caves. You will also have the opportunity to have a swim at the Urvu (a perfectly circular water plunge pool). Arriving at the Asinaro Valley the path will lead you to the top where you will have a wonderful view of Baroque Noto and the Ionian Sea. The itinerary will introduce you to the Noto countryside landscape treasures. At the end of the route you will be welcomed with a lunch and a visit of the farm where Concetto and Valentina will receive you with their warm Sicilian hospitality.

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