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Archaeology & Farm Experience –

Traditional Bread making at Noto countryside

A complete experience of archaeology, farm and authentic food. The Angelico family will welcome you at their farm and show you the preparation of bread in the antique woodfire oven. You will have a traditional farm lunch with local products while sharing a family atmosphere around the table.

Concetta, the youngest of Angelico family, will offer you an archeological tour of the farm and explanation of her family history. Her family has lived on the farm for many generations. You will visit antique tombs, Byzantine burial caves, you will cross the river through centuries-old holm oaks until you arrive at the old hamlet where her parents still live. You will learn about the traditional wheat production processes and will start preparing the bread. Mix flour, water and sourdough; knead the dough until soft and smooth and leave it to rise for 2 hours. The bread will be cooked in the antique brick oven and eaten during the lunch in the traditional way: still hot seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, oregano and dried chilli pepper.

Price: ask us a quotation

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